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        1. About Future Electrical

          Suzhou Future Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of low-voltage electrical accessories.
          The product line covers molded case circuit breaker accessories, frame circuit breaker accessories and smart terminal products.

          Product Center

          Focus on product development and production in the field of low-voltage electrical accessories


          Focus on company dynamics, release the latest news, and keep an eye on future trends!

        2. Suzhou Future Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd.

          • Service Hotline:400-862-2800
          • Tel:0512- 65992670
          • Fax:0512- 65412420
          • E-mail:[email protected]
          • Web:http://www.tecnomeme.com
        3. Copyright ? 2018 Suzhou Future Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd.

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